Friday, April 25, 2008

Shada kalo (whit and black), the fashion house.


SHADA KALO is now number one fashion house in Bangladesh. It has an own fashion style.
It was started at 2003 in Theater Road, Shanti Nagor Dhaka. They try to flow a very different fashion style in Bangladesh. They find out bangle people like to ware very simple dresses. From that thinking they started SHADA KALO.
Current position
SHADA KALO is now very popular with us. Most of the Dhaka city’s people like to ware SHADA KALO’s dresses. All most they have 20 showrooms in Dhaka city.
They use two common colors “Whit & Black”. All designs are related with bangle culture. They try to mix up new and old fashion in their design.
My point of view
SHADAKALO is doing very good in their concept. They try to make a new track for bangle culture.
It will be a idol for our fashion house.

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